Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Reimagining India!

    • India Factfulness Quiz!

    • Course Overview

    • About the New Colombo Plan

    • The COVID-19 Context - How has India been affected so far

    • Australia and India - The Historical and Contemporary Context

    • Cross-Cultural Personality Test

  • 02

    Why India? Why Now?

    • One Sixth of Humanity

    • Why might Amazon's Jeff Bezos thinks this is the Indian Century?

    • How India could be connected to your career?

    • Experiencing India - Alumni Experiences

    • Our Incredible India Treasure Hunt

  • 03

    The Most Diverse Place on Earth

    • How landscape and wildlife has shaped Indian culture?

    • Endless diversity - food, fashion, languages, dance and music...

    • Seven Wonders of Natural India

    • Dharavi - Asia's Largest Slum

  • 04

    Spiritual Tradition and Evolution

    • Prehistoric India - What do we know?

    • The Birth of Civilisation - Cities of the Indus-Saraswati Rivers

    • Vedic Culture

    • Philosophers in the Forests

    • The Second Urbanisation & the Birth of Buddhism

    • Epic India - The Mahabharata and Ramayana

    • The Golden Age of Classical India

    • Bhakti and Beyond

  • 05

    India's Religious Plurality

    • In the Footsteps of the Buddha

    • The Skyclad

    • Jesus's Twin Brother

    • A Spoonful of Sugar

    • The First Muslims in India

    • Sikh Gurus

    • Bahai Temple

  • 06

    India's Influence on the World

    • People: The Indian Diaspora

    • Trade: From Richest to Poorest....and Back Again?

    • Ideas: Philosophy, Religion, Art and Science

    • The Indian Connection: A Global Treasure Hunt of Indian Influence

  • 07

    The World's Largest Democracy

    • How India Gained Independence

    • The Political System and Constitution

    • The Party Political Spectrum

    • Core Electoral Issues and Current Government Policies & Issues

    • How Does India Gets its News

  • 08

    From Handicraft to Spacecraft - What gets "Made in India"

    • How India Re-emerged as the Fastest Growing Major Economy in the World

    • India's Space Program

    • Revealing Invisible India and Your Career

    • The Global Business Delivery Model (Infosys, EY and ANZ)

  • 09

    Digital India - From Tech Startups and Consulting to the Next Billion Users

    • How India Gets Online

    • eCommerce Wars: Amazon vs Walmart vs JIO

    • The India Stack: Government of India's Digital Strategy

    • Fastest Growing Startup Ecosystem in the World

    • Digital Payments Revolution (Paytm, Google, Facebook)

    • Ejecting China from the India App Store

  • 10

    Compassionate Innovation - How India Connects Head with Heart to Solve Problems

    • Key Challenges Faced by India

    • Common Approaches to Problem Solving

    • Five Kinds of Innovation

    • Solving for India, Solves for the World

    • Pharmacy of the World: Vaccine Diplomacy

  • 11

    Experiencing & Engaging with India Online - (YouTube, Podcasts, Twitter, Clubhouse, Netflix

    • Must Watch Bollywood's Greatest Movies

    • Google's India Story (YouTube and Search)

    • Netflix & Amazon Prime - What's India Watching and Why

    • News Sources to Keep You Informed on India

  • 12

    India's Future(s) and Yours

    • What was India's Pre-COVID trajectory?

    • India in 2025? 2030? 2050? 2100?

    • How has COVID impacted India

    • India related future studies (and travel!)

    • India related careers and internships

    • What you've learned - articulating and applying this course